Nail polish by Vivien Kondor 





Hello everyone

today im talking about nail polish , it’s from the brand Vivien Kondor.

I was recently sent the most lovely parcel from the lovely folks over at VK , inside were all sorts of goodies ( psst you will learn of the others in later blog posts ) and to my delight there inside was nail polish.

now anyone who knows me knows im obsessed with anything to do with nails , whats that i hear you say ‘you feel the same 😉’ well let me tell you when i opened the box and saw them i squealed in excitement , no im not kidding you , i gave my kids the fright of their lives oops.

Inside were 3 beautiful coloured polishes and i was so happy to see that each were significantly different from each other as i like variety.

so today as i have bad eyes i thought i would try a polish instead of a new eye look.

I first used VK’s base top + hardener to protect my nails and give them strength and also to stop any discolouration from the neon orange polish i had chosen , at the moment im reviewing the base , top and hardener and so far i can say i like it.

I’m in love with the neon orange , it’s the best colour for the summer and this polish is unlike any other neon as it’s a pearlised neon and its beautiful , my only negative about this polish is the brush , it’s quite thin so its a little hard to get a truly even application , to get round this little problem i just loaded the brush with polish , and if it gets a little messy that’s what clean up brushes were invented for 😉

The polish itself dries super quick which is a huge bonus for me as i hate waiting for polish to dry , it takes 2 coats to get to full opacity which is standard for most polishes , after the 2 coats were on i then used the base , top + hardener for my topcoat as that’s what it’s designed for and it helped the neon set even faster

Over all i can say that these polishes are fab , they are well worth the price tag of £4.99 each and even better is that Vivien Kondor has an amazing collection of polishes on their website , i will give you the link below , please go visit and have a nosey and you will see the amazing array of polishes you have to choose from.

just as a little side not this was not a sponsored review , any reviews I do are my own personal opinion and even when i may get sent products i will always give an honest review 😊

so to finish off I can say these polishes are comparable to other brands within the same price range i.e. collection , rimmel etc

thank you for coming to read my blog post and I wish you all an amazing day and look out for more posts coming soon

love to you all

PromptlyPolished xx


Vivien Kondor 3 in 1 Polish

Hey guys 

sorry for the late blog post , yesterday just wasnt my day 😕 

so lets get started ……

this is what you came to read about , the brand Vivien Kondor were asking for people to review their 3 in 1 polish , and me who likes anything free said yes of course 😊 

let me tell you about the polish 

1. its a basecoat 

2. its also a topcoat

and last but not least 

3. its a nail strengthener 

i mean who doest want that in a polish , the polish went on smoothly and didnt get sticky , it dries super quick and unlike most polishes it dries almost matte , it has a slight sheen to it which is very nice as not everyone wants shiny nails im trying it for 6 weeks and then i will give my final review .

these are my nails at the moment and you will get to see the end result in about 5 weeks 

as always thank you for visiting my blog and reading my posts 

more blog post about a certain brand coming soon 

love to you all 

PromptlyPolished xx 

exciting news 

so i have some exciting news for you all , i have been asked to try some products from the amazing brand Vivien Kondor , they are a brand that has sold all over america in Walmart and now they are starting to sell over here in the UK , their brand is affordable , cruelty free and vegan friendly. 
they are a cosmetics company with a wide range of products ranging from their very well know nail varnishes to eyeshadow palettes and anything else you need. 

i am at this very moment reviewing their 3 in 1 base/top and hardener , i will be updating you every week with this product , i will be doing a seperate blog post tomorrow on this so keep your eyes peeled for it. 

so the fab people at Vivien Kondor asked me to choose some of their products from their website and they are kindly sending me them along with some extra goodies , i wont tell you what i picked right now as i want you to be suprised , their website is easily navigated and very user friendly , i had no problems looking around it. 

on a last note why dont you go take a look for yourself , they have an amazing range of products with colours and shade to suit most people 

so to all of my lovely fans look out for future posts on this and keep your eyes peeled tomorrow on the first post about the 3 in 1 polish 

with love 

promptlypolished xx

Holiday Heaven

Hey everyone hope the holidays are treating you well and you have lots of lovely sunshine , todays post is actually for a competition im entering with the lovely people over at OceanFinance

So my entry is a Holiday Heaven

So here goes ………

Last year my hubby and i went on our first holiday in 12 years and it was fantastic , we didnt go anywhere exotic we went back to where i grew up as a child , my hometown of Swansea in the lovely coastal South Wales , you see my hubby and i now live in Northern Ireland so this was a treat for us .


This as you can see is my hubby and i on the plane , we were like children as neither of us had been on a plane in almost 15 years , we even argued over who was getting the window seat so we made a deal i could have it on the way over and he would have it on the way back 🙂 it was a super quick flight and i enjoyed the stunning views from the window


The main reason for this holiday was so we could go and see family and get some time to relax , as we have 4 very beautiful children 2 of whom have special needs and as everyone knows its good for mum and dad to get a break 😉

My fab sister and her husband met us at the airport and i was so happy i cried , they took us to their house and it was amazing catching up and actually getting to talk in person instead of over the phone and via facebook , between cups of tea and much laughter it was then time to go to our hotel , we stayed at the premier inn and i have to say the room was good with all the usual tea and coffee , what excited me was the fact i was back in my childhood town , the feeling of coming home was indescribable. 


The next day we went out for a walk along Mumbles Pier a regular haunt of mine when i was younger and it was bliss the weather was amazing , we were relaxed and we had that real summer holiday feeling you get when your content. Ice cream in hand it brought back all the fun memories of being a carefree child just enjoying summer.


After the pier we met up with my other sister and her hubby and sons and went for dinner , again it was great being able to see and talk to them all in person as the last time i saw them all was alot of years ago


My hubby was pretty happy as he got to go see the football stadium where Swansea FC play at home and we just got to relax and actually have some time together and truely talk to eachother,  one morning we got up really early and went for a walk on the beach holding hands and just enjoyed the peace



On our last day we got up early and just enjoyed our last couple of hours before heading to the airport , we went for breackfast and got gifts for the kids and went for our last walk together .


To leave this beautiful place was hard but it was always going to be there to come back to , plus by this time we had been away for 4 days and i was starting to really badly miss my children including all the stresses that us mums and dads have ( crazy i know ;)) so my sister and her hubby took us back to the airport and i can say with pride i cried like a baby , as we all know saying goodbye is always hard .


So you see this is my Holiday Heaven , never mind exciting places , im really very happy i just got to go home and see family and be reminded of happy memories and make new memories.

You see its the simple things that make us happy 🙂

As usual thank you for reading my blog and can i ask all my lovely readers to keep your fingers crossed for me

as always


Sweetandsimplemum xx

Summer Holidays

Hey guys as we all know the summer holidays are upon us and let me tell you the madness has begun , well in my house at least , i know alot of you parents find the holidays far too long and it can be a bit of a nightmare keeping the kids entertained,  as we all know money doesnt grow on trees and even the odd family day out can get quite expensive , so i have a few tips and tricks to help you out 🙂

First off always always always take a picnic with you , no matter where you go as it cheap and easy and you can cater to everyones needs and if your going in a group then everyone can contribute to the picnic so the cost will go down even more , i mean what would you rather be doing sitting in a hot stuffy restaurant or relaxing on the beach listening to the waves having a blissful picnic.


My next bit of advice is travel cost , we all know the cost of filling a tank is extortionate these days so what i use is the family and friends rail ticket , its £20 and you can have 2 adults and 4 children on it and in some areas this is can also be used on the bus service , please check when buying at your local station , plus then you get rid of the cost of car parking and dont have to worry about the car being too hot as its been sitting in the sun all day. Plus what child doesnt love going on the train.

Next is admissions prices alot of places do family tickets and sometimes if you work out the cost for say 2 adults and 1 child it might actually be cheaper to get a family ticket instead and also if you have an elderly person in your party then they sometimes have a special rate for them its always worth looking up the price list on their website, and if you have any special needs children or adults some places give you a discounted ticket or the carer would get in free but i must urge you some places will ask for either a dla letter or a carers allowence letter to confirm so always phone and ask what you need also some places will have a fast track system so the disabled person and carer dont have to wait in the queue .

There are alot of places like museums and outdoor parks that are free to visit take the kids and have some fun , why not make it fun and slightly educational at the same time , as a child there was nothing i loved more than going and looking at all the old things and even getting to hold some of them.

Now we all know rainy days are the worst , in my house we have a cupboard full of board games and another cupboard full of paints and crafts to do , your kids will love you if you sit with them and paint or draw or play a game with them the sillier the better , i love playing musical statues , yes its not just for birthday parties , and simple games like eye spy .


My last bit of advice is just enjoy yourself this summer , yes we all stress over things but put it aside and have fun , laugh with your children and relax , you see the stress will always be there but making memories your children will treasure in years to come is the best thing you can do

As always a big massive thank you for reading my blog and i wish you all a very happy summer holidays


Sweetandsimplemum xx


Hey guys and gals

Im sitting here thinking about being a blogger and do you know what? Its scary as in super scary , as your putting out your thoughts and opinions into the big massive world and that is really big , people say be carefull what you say or write and thats true , we all have to think about what we say ….. well that is unless if your like me and you talk to yourself 🙂 (yes im the crazy nutty type of person who often has converstaions with herself) but i have to say i think im a pretty inoffensive person , my blog isnt always going to be lovey dovey as we all have days where we need to rant and get it out of our systems but on the whole my blog will be honest.

Thanks for reading my post have a good evening 😘💜


Ps here a cute pic of my doggy Prime , isnt he gorgeous 🙂

Lushious lips

Hey guys my very first review is on the absolutely fab #LipGlam , i got this in my monthly pink box that comes through my letterbox. To start off i love the design of the tube its simple and glam at the same time in the stunning colours of white and various shades of gold , its handbag sized so you can pop it in your bag and take it everywhere 🙂 now onto the actual product , its amazing im not kidding , out of all the lipbalms ive tried this is the best. It glides on and a little goes a long way , it says on the tube that it lasts up to 8 hours and i can tell you they aren’t lying , it really does , you know those other lip balms that promise to stay on forever and then you have to reapply every hour , nope not with #lipglam you dont , when its on its on , its 100% natural lipbalm and in it is medical grade ultra pure lanolin so it hydrates from underneath the skins surface . There are tons of uses for it , its not just for lips , i also use it around my fingernails for my cuticles , you can also use it for dry skin , split ends in your hair to smooth them and loads more. Its proven to reduce skin roughness by 40% in just an hour and best of all its HYPOALLERGENIC,  now what more could you ask for , if like me you need this then heres the website

I really hope you liked my first ever blog post , love to you all and enjoy the rest of your day and a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU for reading my blog :)💜