Lushious lips

Hey guys my very first review is on the absolutely fab #LipGlam , i got this in my monthly pink box that comes through my letterbox. To start off i love the design of the tube its simple and glam at the same time in the stunning colours of white and various shades of gold , its handbag sized so you can pop it in your bag and take it everywhere 🙂 now onto the actual product , its amazing im not kidding , out of all the lipbalms ive tried this is the best. It glides on and a little goes a long way , it says on the tube that it lasts up to 8 hours and i can tell you they aren’t lying , it really does , you know those other lip balms that promise to stay on forever and then you have to reapply every hour , nope not with #lipglam you dont , when its on its on , its 100% natural lipbalm and in it is medical grade ultra pure lanolin so it hydrates from underneath the skins surface . There are tons of uses for it , its not just for lips , i also use it around my fingernails for my cuticles , you can also use it for dry skin , split ends in your hair to smooth them and loads more. Its proven to reduce skin roughness by 40% in just an hour and best of all its HYPOALLERGENIC,  now what more could you ask for , if like me you need this then heres the website

I really hope you liked my first ever blog post , love to you all and enjoy the rest of your day and a BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU for reading my blog :)💜



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