Summer Holidays

Hey guys as we all know the summer holidays are upon us and let me tell you the madness has begun , well in my house at least , i know alot of you parents find the holidays far too long and it can be a bit of a nightmare keeping the kids entertained,  as we all know money doesnt grow on trees and even the odd family day out can get quite expensive , so i have a few tips and tricks to help you out 🙂

First off always always always take a picnic with you , no matter where you go as it cheap and easy and you can cater to everyones needs and if your going in a group then everyone can contribute to the picnic so the cost will go down even more , i mean what would you rather be doing sitting in a hot stuffy restaurant or relaxing on the beach listening to the waves having a blissful picnic.


My next bit of advice is travel cost , we all know the cost of filling a tank is extortionate these days so what i use is the family and friends rail ticket , its ÂŁ20 and you can have 2 adults and 4 children on it and in some areas this is can also be used on the bus service , please check when buying at your local station , plus then you get rid of the cost of car parking and dont have to worry about the car being too hot as its been sitting in the sun all day. Plus what child doesnt love going on the train.

Next is admissions prices alot of places do family tickets and sometimes if you work out the cost for say 2 adults and 1 child it might actually be cheaper to get a family ticket instead and also if you have an elderly person in your party then they sometimes have a special rate for them its always worth looking up the price list on their website, and if you have any special needs children or adults some places give you a discounted ticket or the carer would get in free but i must urge you some places will ask for either a dla letter or a carers allowence letter to confirm so always phone and ask what you need also some places will have a fast track system so the disabled person and carer dont have to wait in the queue .

There are alot of places like museums and outdoor parks that are free to visit take the kids and have some fun , why not make it fun and slightly educational at the same time , as a child there was nothing i loved more than going and looking at all the old things and even getting to hold some of them.

Now we all know rainy days are the worst , in my house we have a cupboard full of board games and another cupboard full of paints and crafts to do , your kids will love you if you sit with them and paint or draw or play a game with them the sillier the better , i love playing musical statues , yes its not just for birthday parties , and simple games like eye spy .


My last bit of advice is just enjoy yourself this summer , yes we all stress over things but put it aside and have fun , laugh with your children and relax , you see the stress will always be there but making memories your children will treasure in years to come is the best thing you can do

As always a big massive thank you for reading my blog and i wish you all a very happy summer holidays


Sweetandsimplemum xx


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