Holiday Heaven

Hey everyone hope the holidays are treating you well and you have lots of lovely sunshine , todays post is actually for a competition im entering with the lovely people over at OceanFinance

So my entry is a Holiday Heaven

So here goes ………

Last year my hubby and i went on our first holiday in 12 years and it was fantastic , we didnt go anywhere exotic we went back to where i grew up as a child , my hometown of Swansea in the lovely coastal South Wales , you see my hubby and i now live in Northern Ireland so this was a treat for us .


This as you can see is my hubby and i on the plane , we were like children as neither of us had been on a plane in almost 15 years , we even argued over who was getting the window seat so we made a deal i could have it on the way over and he would have it on the way back 🙂 it was a super quick flight and i enjoyed the stunning views from the window


The main reason for this holiday was so we could go and see family and get some time to relax , as we have 4 very beautiful children 2 of whom have special needs and as everyone knows its good for mum and dad to get a break 😉

My fab sister and her husband met us at the airport and i was so happy i cried , they took us to their house and it was amazing catching up and actually getting to talk in person instead of over the phone and via facebook , between cups of tea and much laughter it was then time to go to our hotel , we stayed at the premier inn and i have to say the room was good with all the usual tea and coffee , what excited me was the fact i was back in my childhood town , the feeling of coming home was indescribable. 


The next day we went out for a walk along Mumbles Pier a regular haunt of mine when i was younger and it was bliss the weather was amazing , we were relaxed and we had that real summer holiday feeling you get when your content. Ice cream in hand it brought back all the fun memories of being a carefree child just enjoying summer.


After the pier we met up with my other sister and her hubby and sons and went for dinner , again it was great being able to see and talk to them all in person as the last time i saw them all was alot of years ago


My hubby was pretty happy as he got to go see the football stadium where Swansea FC play at home and we just got to relax and actually have some time together and truely talk to eachother,  one morning we got up really early and went for a walk on the beach holding hands and just enjoyed the peace



On our last day we got up early and just enjoyed our last couple of hours before heading to the airport , we went for breackfast and got gifts for the kids and went for our last walk together .


To leave this beautiful place was hard but it was always going to be there to come back to , plus by this time we had been away for 4 days and i was starting to really badly miss my children including all the stresses that us mums and dads have ( crazy i know ;)) so my sister and her hubby took us back to the airport and i can say with pride i cried like a baby , as we all know saying goodbye is always hard .


So you see this is my Holiday Heaven , never mind exciting places , im really very happy i just got to go home and see family and be reminded of happy memories and make new memories.

You see its the simple things that make us happy 🙂

As usual thank you for reading my blog and can i ask all my lovely readers to keep your fingers crossed for me

as always


Sweetandsimplemum xx


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