exciting news 

so i have some exciting news for you all , i have been asked to try some products from the amazing brand Vivien Kondor , they are a brand that has sold all over america in Walmart and now they are starting to sell over here in the UK , their brand is affordable , cruelty free and vegan friendly. 
they are a cosmetics company with a wide range of products ranging from their very well know nail varnishes to eyeshadow palettes and anything else you need. 

i am at this very moment reviewing their 3 in 1 base/top and hardener , i will be updating you every week with this product , i will be doing a seperate blog post tomorrow on this so keep your eyes peeled for it. 

so the fab people at Vivien Kondor asked me to choose some of their products from their website http://www.vivienkondor.com and they are kindly sending me them along with some extra goodies , i wont tell you what i picked right now as i want you to be suprised , their website is easily navigated and very user friendly , i had no problems looking around it. 

on a last note why dont you go take a look for yourself , they have an amazing range of products with colours and shade to suit most people 

so to all of my lovely fans look out for future posts on this and keep your eyes peeled tomorrow on the first post about the 3 in 1 polish 

with love 

promptlypolished xx 


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