Vivien Kondor 3 in 1 Polish

Hey guys 

sorry for the late blog post , yesterday just wasnt my day 😕 

so lets get started ……

this is what you came to read about , the brand Vivien Kondor were asking for people to review their 3 in 1 polish , and me who likes anything free said yes of course 😊 

let me tell you about the polish 

1. its a basecoat 

2. its also a topcoat

and last but not least 

3. its a nail strengthener 

i mean who doest want that in a polish , the polish went on smoothly and didnt get sticky , it dries super quick and unlike most polishes it dries almost matte , it has a slight sheen to it which is very nice as not everyone wants shiny nails im trying it for 6 weeks and then i will give my final review .

these are my nails at the moment and you will get to see the end result in about 5 weeks 

as always thank you for visiting my blog and reading my posts 

more blog post about a certain brand coming soon 

love to you all 

PromptlyPolished xx 


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