Nail polish by Vivien Kondor 





Hello everyone

today im talking about nail polish , it’s from the brand Vivien Kondor.

I was recently sent the most lovely parcel from the lovely folks over at VK , inside were all sorts of goodies ( psst you will learn of the others in later blog posts ) and to my delight there inside was nail polish.

now anyone who knows me knows im obsessed with anything to do with nails , whats that i hear you say ‘you feel the same 😉’ well let me tell you when i opened the box and saw them i squealed in excitement , no im not kidding you , i gave my kids the fright of their lives oops.

Inside were 3 beautiful coloured polishes and i was so happy to see that each were significantly different from each other as i like variety.

so today as i have bad eyes i thought i would try a polish instead of a new eye look.

I first used VK’s base top + hardener to protect my nails and give them strength and also to stop any discolouration from the neon orange polish i had chosen , at the moment im reviewing the base , top and hardener and so far i can say i like it.

I’m in love with the neon orange , it’s the best colour for the summer and this polish is unlike any other neon as it’s a pearlised neon and its beautiful , my only negative about this polish is the brush , it’s quite thin so its a little hard to get a truly even application , to get round this little problem i just loaded the brush with polish , and if it gets a little messy that’s what clean up brushes were invented for 😉

The polish itself dries super quick which is a huge bonus for me as i hate waiting for polish to dry , it takes 2 coats to get to full opacity which is standard for most polishes , after the 2 coats were on i then used the base , top + hardener for my topcoat as that’s what it’s designed for and it helped the neon set even faster

Over all i can say that these polishes are fab , they are well worth the price tag of £4.99 each and even better is that Vivien Kondor has an amazing collection of polishes on their website , i will give you the link below , please go visit and have a nosey and you will see the amazing array of polishes you have to choose from.

just as a little side not this was not a sponsored review , any reviews I do are my own personal opinion and even when i may get sent products i will always give an honest review 😊

so to finish off I can say these polishes are comparable to other brands within the same price range i.e. collection , rimmel etc

thank you for coming to read my blog post and I wish you all an amazing day and look out for more posts coming soon

love to you all

PromptlyPolished xx